Monday, September 12, 2016

Excellent Fabric Waterproof Cover for Crib

I came to know about this product through amazon and had thought of ordering it for one of my friends who has delivered a baby very recently. I ordered the product and received my order in right time and the product came with good packaging. I gave the product to my friend to use it. I am writing this review based on my friends usage of the product. She said the product is amazing and does a great job.

The product comes in a box beautifully packed with a cardboard box. The mattress is neatly folded and kept in a plastic bag inside the box. The mattress cover is white in color and very big when opened. The stich is perfect throughout the mattress cover.

It is very easy to put on the mattress and then put the regular sheet over top of it, and it makes absolutely no noise when the baby is moving or rolling around. The bottom of this pad has a very high quality fabric that allows for a true water resistance. It is not made up of plastic like most of the other protector and called as bamboo Jacquard fabric protector which is extremely soft and baby sleeps comfortably.

This protector covers the crib from getting stains and odors. This product is less stressful to cleanup. The mattress cover has dots which helps the air flow making it breathable and cool. The mattress has elastic around it, so it can be used in any size crib. It also does not allow the cover to slip out from corners. The mattress can be washed / dried nicely in the washer and dryer. There is an instruction to machine wash cold, tumble dry low, no iron or bleach. Also states do not use fabric softener. 

It also comes with a 3 year guarantee which is about the entire time your little one will be using the crib / toddler mattress.This product states that it shields the baby from allergens, dust mites and bed bugs. Since my friend’s house does not have any of these problems, we do not know about this option.

+ Neatly packed, perfect for baby shower gift
+ Easy to put on
+ Bamboo Jacquard fabric
+ Perfect fit for new born bed
+ No noise
+ No plastic, completely fabric
+ Water resistance
+ Highly soft
+ Protects against stains and odors
+ Breathable mattress pad
+ Washable

+ 3 year full money back guarantee

Amazon Link: Amazon

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Precious Baby Handprint and Footprint Frame Package - A perfect gift for baby shower and New parent gift.

I was looking to buy a perfect gift for my friend who has delivered a baby a month back and found this product. This is truly a beautiful baby print kit to be gifted to a new mom/dad or will be a best gift for baby shower. We can hold onto the memories of babies and will stay forever. With this product we can store the finger print and foot print of our baby for life long and can be treasured all the time.

The kit has a solid wooden frame which is white in color, 1 non-toxic ink pad, 5 pieces of print paper and a sticking tape. The frame was covered and bubble wrapped to avoid damages during transit. The solid wooden frame is very nice. It is sturdy and has very good finishing. The color is amazing and since it is white, it can be used for both baby girl and baby boy and white color gives a rich look. The frame has a stand in the back so it can be placed any on flat surface and there also is a small hook to hang the frame so it can be used both the ways.

The sealed ink is used for taking babies hand/foot print. This ink is easily washable. Double sided tape is used for taping pictures. There is an instruction about how to use the kit and it has enough details. It is very easy to follow the instructions and if anything goes wrong, don’t worry they have given 5 papers and we can redo.  It's a great size to fit a baby's feet and hands on it. We can place a 3.2” X 4.4” baby photograph. I'm very happy with the quality and heard extremely nice comments from my friend after gifting them and so happy about that.


Wooden frame
Frame design and overall it looks great
Perfect finishing of the wooden frame and the glass
Leak proof and non-toxic ink, which is easily washable
Extra sheets to fix our mistakes if we go wrong
Photo space
Good quality
Wall hanging and table side stand options
Sticking tape
Light weight
Safe to use
No sharp edges
Excellent to store our memories
Ease usage with the instruction manual

I would suggest others to grab this product and capture the precious hand/foot print forever or spread the happiness by gifting this to a new parent. 

Amazon Link: Amazon

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lightweight "Dupont Teflon" Travel Umbrella

We already have few umbrellas in our home but not satisfied with them because of inside out turn during wind. Few of my umbrellas even broke its ribs during the turn with heavy wind.  So I wanted to buy an umbrella which is more durable and it can withstand heavy windy rains. That’s when I bought this umbrella and so far I am very satisfied with its features.

I bought the black one and it came in a nice packing with a protective travel sleeve. The handle is very strong and the design is nice. The handle has very good grip and a wrist loop for easy carrying. The handle has a red button and when pressed it opens the umbrella in fraction of second as well as used to close the umbrella. The umbrella has strong nine ribs to help its durability. The ribs have spring and plastic support system. The spring helps umbrella to open and close easily.

The black plastic cover protects the thin metal ribs from breaking and I like that feature. It took away my worries about broken umbrellas. This umbrella is resistive with its three-fold chrome plated metal shaft and strong metal frame. The canopy is water proof and instantly drying. It is very compact and the size is perfect. It is light weight and not heavy like few others in the market. The button push open /fold really help during the needs.

It has life time guarantee so I believe if something happens they give replacement for free which is great. So far the umbrella is doing great and excellent so right now I have no worries. I suggest others to try this one and you will definitely like it. Only negative is I felt little hard to push it back down after folding to lock.

+ High quality
+ Water proof and easy dry canopy
+ Durability
+ Button press to open/fold
+ Compact
+ Super light
+ Easy to carry
+ Wind proof
+ Life time guarantee

- Little harder to pull back to lock

 Amazon Link: Amazon

Friday, September 2, 2016

Micro USB Cables - 6 Pack (1ft, 4ft, 6ft)

I recently ordered this 6 pack micro USB cables and really happy with them. There are many devices in my home which can be charged using micro USB cable so I wanted to buy few cables to use at home and in car. Getting six cables is great and cables with varying length is added advantage.

The product came in a nice packing and all the six cables were folded and kept inside a storage bad in a small pouch. They are varying in length – two 1 feet short cables, three 4 feet medium length cables and a 6 feel lengthy cable. Quality of all the cables is very good. They are very firm, strong and flexible. The finishing of the cables are perfect and the pins fit perfectly.

The main advantage of these cables is their performance. The charging speed is great and I never charged so quickly like it did with my old cables. The data transfer speed is also good. I tried with all six cables and did not find any issues using them. With its great quality and performance, I would suggest others who really need 3 or more cables to buy this 6 pack.
+ Quality
+ 6 in 1 pack
+ Varying length
+ Speed
Amazon Link: Amazon


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Neojdx Venice V2 Wireless Headphone

I recently bought this headphone and amazed with the sound quality and the bass effect. It came in a nice packing and the headphones were inside a carrying case along with an AUX cable, micro USB charging cable and a manual. The carrying case is good, which kind of looks like a baseball, with a metal hook. The head phone is foldable and fits in the case. It is a nice design.

This head phone comes with a dedicated on/off switch and separate buttons for play/pause, volume up/down, forward and backward.  These function keys are big enough to easily access. Headphone also has a micro USB port for charging and a 3.5 mm jack to plug in AUX cable. This headphone has both Bluetooth and AUX options to connect with other devices. I felt very comfortable when wearing the head phone and the cushioning is good. It fits in my head perfectly and it can be adjusted.

Bass effect is excellent and the sound clarity is very good. The headphone also provides noise isolation and I can feel that as soon as put it in my ear. Head phone has blue and red light indicators. Blue indicator appears during play mode and red indicator when the head phone is charging. The headphone can be charged with any micro USB cable. Red light disappears when the head phone is fully charged. A fully charged headphone provides close to 18 hours of play time.

Connecting the head phone to a Bluetooth device is very easy. The head phone automatically appeared in my phone when Bluetooth was turned on and was able to connect easily. The head phone remembers the last two connected devices and connect to them automatically when turned on and in range. The battery is needed only for the Bluetooth mode. When used in AUX mode, the battery is not consumed. So when the batter is dead, you can continue to hear music with AUX cable which is an added advantage.

I am also able to take phone calls with the head phone. Also, holding play/pause during phone call transfers the call back to phone in case you want to use the phone directly. I don’t find any issues with the head phones so far. Overall the design, performance and quality are very good and I would suggest this to others.

+ Excellent quality and Bass effect
+ Bluetooth + AUX
+ Aux when battery is dead + also saves power
+ Foldable design
+ Good battery life
+ Separate on/off button
+ Blue and Red indicators
+ Easy to take calls
+ Noise isolation

+ Carrying case

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ozeri BP2M CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Hypertension Color Alert Technology

This Ozeri BPM2 Cardio Tech Premium series digital blood pressure monitor comes in a small box with two AAA batteries and a user manual. This blood pressure monitor is very handy and easy to carry and is highly portable. This monitor is very simple to use and have very clear instructions about how to use in the user guide.  This monitor comes with a wrist band and is designed to wear in the wrist.

The screen is big enough to display the readings and the numbers are clear to read. This monitor can be used to store readings for up to 3 users. For every reading, the monitor displays the user number (1/2/3), date and time, systolic and diastolic readings and pulse rate.

This BP monitor has advanced Hypertension indicator with three color codes. This Indicator color codes the Systolic and Diastolic readings in green (normal), orange (prehypertension) and red (hypertension). Per the manual, this BP monitor can stores up to 1197 blood pressure readings (399 x 3 users) with date and time recordings. I have not used that much to confirm but I can find all the reading I have taken so far for 2 users with date and time.

User selection needs to be done when the monitor is turned on otherwise it will default to user 1.  It also shows the average of last three BP readings. One other advantage is the color coding split up between systolic and diastolic readings. That means if the diastolic reading is very high and systolic is normal, the upper half will be different color (orange or red) and the lower half of the screen will be in green color. I also noticed that no color is shown if the reading is too low and this is not mentioned in the spec.

On the negative side, I feel that the results are not accurate sometimes and found slightly varying results when I recheck immediately. The wrist cuff position and the hand position have major impact in the results. There is an instruction to follow specific cuff position to achieve accurate results. If the specified positions are not followed then I get inaccurate results and sometimes make us feel unhealthy. Usually the blood pressure monitors that measures blood pressure in upper arm are more accurate than the wrist monitors, but they won’t come very handy. So both have their pros and cons.

+ Handy
+ Easy Usage
+ Highly Portable
+ Batteries
+ Travel BP box
+ 3 Users can use it
+ Color Hypertension indicator code
+ Power on/off button
+ Good wrist cuff which fits perfect
+ Average of last 3 readings
+ Good Storage of the readings with date and time, hour and minute
+ Pulse/heart rate for heart health
+ 5 year Warranty

- Slightly inaccurate when the cuff/hand positions are not perfectly followed

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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